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Doodles on why doing user research in the right place matters

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I've been thinking (and doodling).Whilst we're busy making things black and white sketch

Our users are going about their lives sketch with a pregnant woman using a government service on her phone

User researchers walk in the user's shoes...

So we can understand why...

If we do research here... rather than here... sketch showing prioritisation of work

Then we're less able to make products that let users do this... sketch showing a woman walking from a to b

To sum up

As user researchers, our role is to mirror our users’ reality back to our product teams - in all its messy and convoluted glory - not the other way around.

We do this by scoping and carrying out research around the user, rather than the shape of the teams we sit in.

What we ask of our teams, is that they come on the journey with us (that they get to know their users) so we can make the right products, and make them well.

All artwork by GDS user researcher, Naintara Land. Keep in touch. Sign up to email updates from this blog

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  1. Comment by Sue posted on

    I love this. Naintara's excellent doodles helps simplify why user research at the right time is important, in a visual and fun way.