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User research infrastructure

How we developed a simple user research library at Ofsted

A screenshot of the User research library welcome page. Welcome to the Ofsted user research library This site contains all the user research conducted at Ofsted from 2017 onwards. Please ensure you update the Catalogue with links to where your files are stored on this site. Please do not delete, move or rename any existing files/folders. This site enables secure sharing of Ofsted documents with external organisations. Therefore, please ensure materials you store are here and adequately anonymised. If you have any questions, please contact

Many departments across government are exploring questions of how they capture, organise, and share their research learning, with some departments recruiting digital librarians to build repositories. Here, Salma Patel shares a smaller scale solution she developed to meet the immediate needs in Ofsted.

Getting the right supplier: out with specification documents, in with user needs

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User needs not supplier needs

I’ve been working with GDS for several years now. I’ve researched, negotiated, procured and delivered several services for GDS, including a user research lab, an A/V library pilot and – currently in progress – a user research panel.