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Tips and techniques

How to carry out user research with colleagues

People working at a table - all that is visible is their hands and Post-it notes

We recently carried out research among our colleagues to understand how they felt about their day-to-day working experiences. Here's how we did it.

It's vital to test on a wide range of devices - here's how we do it

An image from a user research session with a participant using a mobile phone.

Carrying out user research on the devices people actually use in real life - such as mobile phones and tablets - will help make the interactions you see in user research as natural as possible. Here's how we approach this.

Understanding the needs of service data users

A woman pointing at a wall with Post-It notes on it

The Service Performance team are working on a tool to give people standardised high-level metrics about all government services in one place. They needed to be able to define user needs for Service Performance throughout the project. Here's what they did.